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Koniku, Silicon Valley-based Biotechnology Company, Wins World in 2050 Challenge

Lagos and San Francisco, 23 September 2020: Koniku, a Silicon Valley-based biotechnology company founded by Nigerian-born scientist and entrepreneur, Osh Agabi, is an Innovation Olympian in the World in 2050 Competition. Koniku (pronounced co-nee-qu), derived from the Yoruba word which translates to “has no death”, is among a cohort of 34 organisations pursuing ground-breaking solutions to propel the global community into a safer, healthier, and ultimately happier future.

The World 2050 Challenge is a prestigious and internationally acclaimed honour and achievement. It is bestowed on individuals, corporations, and organisations that tackle enormous social challenges from pandemics, to world poverty, to climate change. This inaugural World Challenge was announced at the World Economic Forum’s annual conference in Switzerland, Davos.

Winners are exposed to power brokers and strategic partners at global summits and forums, including Davos, the G7, G20, APEC, UNGA, and much more. The World in 2050 boasts over 10,000 partners and futurists from 180 countries who are convened five times a year to stimulate discussion and solutions about the future. Koniku is one of five winners of the Humanity Prize. Commenting on the award, Osh Agabi, CEO of Koniku said, “We are honoured to have been included in this inaugural cohort of revolutionary thinkers and leaders. The world in 2020 will prepare us for a better world in 2050 if we work together to push society forward.”

Their commitment to quick and efficient diagnosis of the coronavirus and other diseases will be a major contribution to the healthcare sector. Koniku mobilizes biotechnology to quickly detect disease. Their patented smell technology, called KonikoreTM, can identify the presence of infections, such as COVID-19, in 10 seconds, smell bombs, detect poison in our foods, and cancer in our bodies. KonikoreTM is like a living smell camera. Imagine if we could breathe into a device and know if we had diabetes or hypertension. Imagine being able to locate, localize, and eradicate a highly contagious disease like COVID-19 or SARS before it becomes a global pandemic. Koniku aims to revolutionize detection and diagnosis.

Koniku is supported by Platform Capital Group – a group comprising Platform Capital Investment Partners, Diatom Impact, and Unicorn Group. Platform Capital is a growth markets-focused, sector agnostic, principal investment and advisory firm. In addition to providing capital to Koniku and high-potential companies like them, Platform Capital offers business advisory, grant management, public relations support, emerging market penetration, and much more.

Dr. Akintoye Akindele, Chairman, Platform Capital Group commenting on the Project said, “We are so proud to help Koniku premiere on the world stage. This is the perfect moment to show our vision for the future of technology, health, and humanity.”


The first company of its kind, Koniku is leading the field in developing smell-bot technology devoted to improving people’s lives. By combining nature with technology, we use synthetic neurotechnological devices to help solve the problems society faces day-to-day. Across security, military, agriculture, and human health, we are dedicated to improving the health and wellness of people, communities, and organizations across the globe. For more information, visit


Platform Capital is a growth markets-focused, sector agnostic, principal investment and advisory firm. We deploy patient, value accretive capital alongside international and local value investors to create champion businesses with the potential for regional or global scale. Platform also provides end-to-end bespoke Corporate Finance & Capital Markets advisory services. What makes us different is our obsession with changing the African narrative. For more information, visit


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