Partnership Opportunities

Partnership Opportunities

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Platform Capital is a growth markets focused sector agnostic, principal investment and advisory firm.

The firm’s extensive on-the-ground relationships and real time market insights makes it a unique co-investment and advisory partner. Here at Platform we have a multitude of Partnership opportunities and products for potential investors.

Platform Products

Ways to partner with Platform Capital

Equity-Linked Investment Notes (ELIN)

Direct Equity Investment

Forward Contracts


Investment Fiduciary


  • Our Equity-Linked Investment Notes are structured investment products that are linked to
    our portfolio companies, guarantee an annual coupon and provide an equity upside
  • Our investment notes are created to fund our fast-growing portfolio companies
  • It is attractive to investors who want a debt-like instrument (income generating) but seek to
    take later stage equity risk, as it provides an opportunity for them to convert to equity at

  • Across our portfolio, there are opportunities for investors to co-invest alongside us in followon rounds and partner to grow these businesses into market leaders in their segments
  • Direct Equity Investment is for select investors that have a longer-term investment horizon
    (5+ years)
  • It is attractive to investors who are comfortable with equity risk at an earlier stage for significant upside
How do investors access the opportunities?

  • Our Forward Contracts are structured investment products that help businesses hedge theirFX cash flows against the uncertainty created by the current volatile exchange rates
  • It is attractive to companies/individuals that have time-bound future USD obligations such as
    foreign supplier payments or school fees
  • These forward contracts are paid from our USD revenue generating portfolio

Forward Contract Details

  • The Platform Capital Eurobond product is offered by Rusumo Fund Managers.
  • The Rusumo Dollar Fund is a funds management platform that provides foreign denominated financing solutions and products to retail investors in Nigeria.
  • The fund affords users the opportunity to purchase Eurobonds via an app with NGN or USD.
  • The fund aims at unlocking Investment in International currencies for Nigerians hence guaranteeing stable returns in USD that protects investors against a possible Naira devaluation.
  • The Rusumo Dollar Fund provides income and capital appreciation by investing in US
    dollar denominated debt instruments issued by the Nigerian government and reputable corporate institutions.

  • We leverage our senior leadership team’s experience across multiple sectors and
    geographies coupled with our investpreneurship skillset to manage third-party businesses
    and assets as fiduciaries for value
  • To implement our value creation strategy, we work in close collaboration with the founders
    to understand and refine their long-terms goals for the asset, establish benchmarks,
    incentivise and align management. In addition, we leverage our local presence, global
    network, operating experience, technical partnerships and knowledge of our markets to add
    superior value to our clients’ businesses

We are a differentiated advisor with a diversified relationship base and real time market insights
enabling us to deliver a range of end-to-end bespoke corporate finance & capital markets
advisory services.

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