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Platform Capital, University of Lagos set to provide scholarships for postgraduate students from Entebbe, Uganda

Leveraging Partnerships for International Development

Lagos, Nigeria – March 18, 2021, Platform Capital is excited to announce a strategic partnership with University of Lagos (UNILAG). This partnership marks a significant step in unifying Africans and the development of capacity on the continent. Platform Capital and UNILAG will be sponsoring 8 students from Entebbe, Uganda on an all-expense paid post graduate scholarship to study at UNILAG.

According to a statement by Dr. Akintoye Akindele, CFA, DBA Chairman Platform Capital, “Platform Capital is committed to paving the way for the future generation in all sectors, most importantly in education.” He further said ‘’We are very excited about this partnership, days like these reinforce the significance of partnering with one another as Africans. We can achieve a lot when we work together and are united. We are trying to do what should have been done a long time ago. We need to empower and scale the next generation, if we don’t, we will miss the opportunity to build.‘’

UNILAG, one of the renowned higher institutions in Africa has achieved a lot and contributed to the educational journeys of millions of people, its expedient that we export our education to the world, we need to go further as Africans. We should promote finding solutions within Africa.

“We are very excited about this partnership and we believe it will greatly benefit the students of Entebbe” – Fabrice Rulinda, Mayor-Elect of Entebbe.

In addition, Fabrice Rulinda initiated that UNILAG should set up a satellite campus in Uganda, he further stated that he intends to transform the city of Entebbe into a fintech hub and will utilize this opportunity with Platform Capital.

Commenting on the partnership, Professor Oluwatoyin Adedipe, VC UNILAG said – “There is a need to collaborate with universities in Africa, before we migrate to the global level. This partnership takes us one step in the right direction.” The power of this evolving partnership demonstrates educational leadership and will drive success through strong growth in changing the African narrative and increased collaborations amongst Africans.

About Platform Capital

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