The housing deficit is high for Africa economies due to its high population growth, urbanization, rising construction cost, poor planning amongst others....
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Africa is positioned to be the world’s next industrial centre. With low labour cost, a growing skilled labour force and a large...
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Despite the crash in global oil & gas prices, we believe that any long-term investment in this sector will remain profitable, as...
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Logistics and Mobility

The deficit in transportation infrastructure and the limited availability of other means of transportation across Africa creates a massive opportunity for investors...
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Food Value Chain

We believe the agriculture sector in Africa, a sector which forms a significant portion of 17 economies of all 54 African countries...
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Financial Services

The future of Africa’s financial services would involve digital technology, less customer interface and automating back-end operations As Africa’s quest for a ...
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Access to healthcare in Africa remains a challenge in the region; with a transition to technology and a more data driven health...
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Technology is now at the forefront  of Africa’s education system which has deteriorated over the years. We anticipate the beginning of an...
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